My husband and I were a bit concerned putting our baby into care when I returned to work. However this transition has been made easier by the lovely and professional staff at Mini Minors Early Learning Centre. Atticus loves coming here each day and playing with all the toys and exploring the outdoor play areas. He’s even sleeping better at night! We also enjoy getting regular updates from the educators through Story park to see how our son is spending his day. Its lovely seeing photos of him being so happy, and definitely helps eases my mind and makes me happier at work too. We can’t recommend Mini Minors educators and facilities highly enough.
Shelly Hardy

I have loved being able to drop Atticus off early in the morning and he gets excited to see the staff when he arrives. He loves to wave at them. I have noticed that the rooms are always clean and the children all appear to be happy. I love Story Park, its really good to see what is happening and how Atticus is learning and growing, a fantastic tool that is very easy to use. All the staff are fantastic and very friendly and they all know what is happening with the children.
Kevin Hardy

"As a parent, there is nothing better than knowing your child is safe and in good hands. The staff at mini minors ensures us that we never have to worry about our child's happiness and safety. Every time we come to the centre, we are greeted with happy staff and our son Eli is always dropped off and picked up with a smile on his face. The food provided for the children is fantastic and smells wonderful when you walk in during the morning to drop your child off. Eli gets a great range of activities and stimulation at the centre from sensory activities, reading, outside play, friendships and special organised events. Recently the centre has launched the story park app, where I can follow what Eli has been up to during the day and keep up to date with his learning. The centre is always clean, it has an amazing outside play area and the rooms are very spacious. Mini minors ticks all the boxes in providing a healthy and motivating environment for my child to grow. I have no hesitation in recommending mini minors to anyone and would like to thank everyone at the centre for making it such an enjoyable place for Eli to attend.
Alssa Miller

I have four children at Mini Minors in three different rooms. The staff in each room are excellent and take such a wonderful approach to handling each of my babies. My youngest toddlers (in Nursery 2) have settled in better than I ever expected - my son laughs happily when we pull into the driveway, his twin sister has developed amazing confidence, her vocabulary and independence have grown too. My older children found it harder to settle in due to their age but their educators in the toddler room and junior preschool handled their fears with great sensitivity and heart. Now they look forward to the days they spend there and love all the various activities they do each day. The facility itself is always kept exceptionally clean. The rooms are light and airy, well decorated and good quality educational toys are plentiful. The toddler/preschool rooms open to an amazing outdoor area with lots of opportunity for physical play. My toddler loves the tricycles and her sister enjoys water play. The nursery opens to a shaded outdoor area which my twins love to play in. When it is cool in the late afternoon they'll often be playing outside and run to the fence to greet us! It was a hard and deeply personal decision to decide to go back to university after two years of stay at home parenting. Having my children attending mini minors has alleviated my concerns - knowing my children are safe, happy and more than well cared for has put my mind at ease and allowed our family to move on to our next adventures. I highly recommend. Katrina

All staff are really friendly, made it a lot easier leaving my baby for the first time.
Cass Garbutt

The staff are amazing, they had no problem with me checking in to see how my daughters first day was going and they made me feel comfortable leaving my baby in their hands. They do plenty of activities to keep the kids interested and wanting to go back. So glad I enrolled Alison in Mini Minors!
Steph Roche

Xav had his first days this week and loves it. The rooms are big and the outdoor area is huge filled with various play areas. The staff are fantastic especially with my clingy child in the mornings.
Ebony Draffin